“Subtlety is for those who have time to be misunderstood.”

 – James D. Boley


For over twenty-five years, Jim provided counsel to California clients in the healthcare and other industries on litigation and general legal matters. He has experience as an in-house general counsel at a high tech software services company as well as in private practice as a seasoned litigator and trial attorney. Mr. Boley served as in-house General Counsel for a software development company, where he was responsible for all legal affairs and was a member of the executive leadership team. In private practice, Mr. Boley was a shareholder (partner) at a medium sized San Diego law firm, where he built a varied practice ranging from the defense of insureds of the largest medical professional insurer in the United States to handling matters for celebrities such as Ozzy Osbourne, Jewel, and The Stone Temple Pilots. Jim is an active member of the California State Bar and a licensed Real Estate Broker in the State of Idaho. He regularly consults in the areas of corporate risk, regulatory compliance, threat assessment and protection of assets.

Nowhere is Jim’s commitment to the success of individuals and organizations more obvious than his passion and talent for finding the “extraordinary” that lives inside of ordinary relationships. He has coached individuals, partners, executives and teams in organizations of all sizes. He speaks directly and says what needs to be said. Jim often says, “Subtlety is for those who have time to be misunderstood”. In an approach to business transformation, based in the power of people’s speaking and listening, Jim’s style of communication cuts through confusion, misunderstandings, and nonsense with surgical precision, and has resulted in clients lovingly nicknaming him “Bulldog”.

After sending four daughters to college, Jim and his wife, Maddy, decided to turn their visits to their vacation home in McCall, Idaho into a permanent relocation to “their dream home in the mountains”, where he has also involved himself in the local real estate market. Jim enjoys fishing, hiking and exploring the high mountain lakes of Central Idaho while raising “comfort” dogs in training and one adorable feline.

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