Core Principles

NOW is a singular moment where everything is possible. In fact, all things can only be done, completed or accomplished in a moment of NOW. You can do things that haven’t been done in the past and you can do things in the future, but the only time things are actually being done is in a present moment of NOW. We understand that you want your problem solved, project started and completed, the answer to your question(s) all else related to your matter handled NOW. Of course, so does everyone else. Accordingly, we promise to communicate clearly and often so that your expectations and our promises are aligned.
There are many fundamental truths in life; one is that people don’t listen. It is so prevalent that many of us have become resigned to the notion that people do not hear us. They are so busy multi-tasking, texting and thinking about the next thing they are going to say we have begun to accept it as acceptable or the ordinary. Not what you need or must have from your consultant. You can expect Bulldgg Consulting to listen to you so that we can help you craft a solution to the problem you actually have and not some other problem.

We understand that the best solutions come from within the organization through an exchange of ideas, innovation, experience and expertise. None of that can come forward unless both client and consultant create a listening for the right answer, the right fit, and the right way forward at the right time. Yes, the “two ears and one mouth principle” still applies.

Integrity may have a multitude of meanings for different people. Here is what integrity means at Bulldgg Consulting: We will tell you the truth and not what you necessarily want to hear. We understand that giving advice is not always pleasant, and at times it is extremely bad news. At the same time, you are paying us for the honest, unvarnished truth. That will be the end product. You can also expect a high level of communication – both the frequency and quality will be of the nature that it is responsive, accessible, understandable, professional and just as importantly, kind. We will follow through on our promises and commitments, and provide you with our best deliverables.

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